What is Bird Friendly Coffee?

Not all shade grown coffee is equal.

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La Cabaña Farm, Colombia

La Cabaña, is grown in specific microclimates on Colombia’s highest snow peaked mountain Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, at altitudes between 4,500 and 6,000feet. This is Colombia’s highest mountain range; It is situated at the northern tip of Colombia, bordering the Atlantic ocean and extending 300 kilometers into the plains. This twin peaked mountain (5,575 meters)  is said to contain all of the worlds microclimates and it has the richest biodiversity in the Americas.

Due to its rich biodiversity, this farm and area is home for various endemic and migratory birds. The farm is certified by SMBC (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center) since 2000. ... read more

Western Canada's first SMBC certified roaster

Koffeh is proud to be western Canada's the first roaster certified by the Smithsonian Institutes SMBC program. The Abstract Class Consulting company is please to introduce the Koffeh brand ALL SMBC certified Bird Friendly coffee to Western Canada.

Your Coffee is Stronger than you think

When you look outside and see a Swainson's thrush or Yellow warbler in western Canada this summer know that these same birds that migrate to northern Colombian habitat supported by your choice in coffee.